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For Service Providers


How do I get paid?

You will get paid through PayPal once the job has been completed. You can then withdraw the money from PayPal directly into your own bank account.

Does posting a new task cost money?

No, it doesn’t. You can post as many tasks as you want for free.

Does Eldiv take a cut from the payment?

Yes, we take 10% from every payment made through the website. So for a $10 job we’ll take $1, for instance.

Will I have to pay taxes on my earnings?

Yes, you will have to pay taxes as a 1099 service provider.

Am I considered a W2 employee or a 1099 service provider?

You’re considered a 1099 service provider and have no employer-employee relationships between you and Eldiv and/or the clients.

What if I can’t actually perform the job?

If you can’t perform the job, you can cancel the job at any time, but you won’t get paid for it.

What if I preformed the job, but the customer wasn’t happy with the quality?

So long as you preformed the job, you will get paid for it. However, the customer has an option of giving you a bad rating, which will lower the chances of you getting additional jobs in the future.

Am I allowed to accept tips?

Yes, you are, but you can’t expect them.

When do I get paid?

As soon as the buyer has marked the job as “completed”. If the buyer forgets to do so, the job will be marked as complete automatically after 3 days, at which point you can withdraw the money to your PayPal account.

Can I charge more or less than $10 for a service?

You must provide a basic service for $10, but if you would like to provide extra services for an additional cost you’re welcome to do so. If you feel that the task you’re providing is worth less than $10, try and offer more of that service. We don’t allow users to offer jobs for more or less than $10.

How much money can I make per month?

That’s really up to you. The more flexible you are with the hours and locations you’re willing to travel to, the higher your chances are of earning more money. In addition, offering more tasks also increases the amount of money you can earn per month, to the point where this can be your “full time job”.




Where can I see a list of potentially needed tasks?

To get ideas for types of tasks that can be offered, you can take a look here, You can also look at the home page to get an idea of things people have already offered.

Can I add additional tasks that aren’t on the list?

Of course, so long as the tasks fit under our guidelines, you’re welcome to add any task that your imagination allows!

Can I offer the same thing that someone else is already offering?

For sure, we encourage that. Just make sure to put your own style and personality into it.

Where can I see a list of open jobs?

You can’t, Eldiv works the other way around. Rather than being a website where people post what they’re looking for, it’s a website where people post what they can provide (for $10) and the buyers can look around and shop according to their needs.

Which types of tasks are prohibited?


Can I offer a service that isn’t local, and can be done online?

No. There are many other websites for that, such as o’Desk or Elance, our website focuses only on physical tasks that have to be done locally.

Do I have to commit to my schedule?

You sure don’t. You can cancel any job that you can’t do. Just be aware that your cancellation rate will be shown on your profile.



Posting a new Task

How can I start offering tasks?

In order to offer a task, you must be a registered user. For that all you need to do is provide us with a username and email, (Or register through Facebook/Gmail). Once you’re registered, you can then post a new job by clicking on this link.

What do I have to include in the job description?


Why wasn’t my job offer approved?

Your job offer may not be approved for either not following our company guidelines or not providing the needed information under the “description” section. Please correct those items and try posting your job again.

When will my job get published?

As soon as your job is approved, it will get published on the website, and you’ll be notified about it by email right away. Usually it takes no more than 2 business days for a job to be approved.

Is there a limit to the amount of tasks I can offer?

No, you can offer as many tasks as you like, so long as each of them meets our quality guidelines. There is no fee for posting a new job, and no limit.

What if I want to do “everything”?

We suggest you first focus on 2-3 things that you think you can do best, or will most enjoy doing. Once you get rolling, you can continue publishing additional tasks and start making more money.



Can I send someone else to do the job instead of me?

No. As a service provider you must personally perform the job. If you can’t, please cancel, but under no circumstances can you send someone else; this may get you banned from the website.

Can I refuse to take a job?

Yes, in that case, after someone purchases, and if for some reason you can’t do it, you can always cancel the job. Beware that the percentage of jobs you refuse to take will be shown in your profile, so make sure to really be specific both about what you’re able to do and also in terms of your location and schedule. Be sure to update these regularly.

Am I allowed to share my phone number or contact info?

You are not permitted to share your phone number on your profile. However, once a job is purchased, the buyer will get an email asking them to provide you with more details including their phone number. You’ll have the option to talk with him/her on the phone and verify more details before you go on to do the job.

How do you ensure my safety?

For one, customers pay with PayPal and many of them connect their Facebook profile as well, which does verify their identity to some extent. However, we recommend speaking to them on the phone beforehand, and if you don’t feel comfortable, just don’t do it. In addition, you may want to offer jobs that can only be done outdoors if you’re concerned about your safety.



For Customers:

How do I pay?

You can make the payment through PayPal which accepts all credit cards.

The payment will be made upfront, but will be held in escrow in our account. So that if for some reason the service provider can’t actually preform the task, you will get a full refund for your payment.

Besides the $10 for the task, do I have to pay anything extra?

Nope. The $10 covers both the payment to the service provider and our fee. You won’t be charged anything else besides that.

What if the job isn’t completed?

Your payment is held in Escrow in our account. Once you mark the job as “completed” the funds will be released to the service provider. If for some reason the task isn’t completed, you will have an option to get a refund for the amount paid.

Are tips accepted?

Yes. But they aren’t expected.

 Would I be able to speak to the person I’m hiring by phone first?

Yes. Please provide your phone number after making the purchase, and he/she will call you. If for some reason you don’t feel 100% comfortable, you can always cancel the service.